Fuck Yeah Bad Madoka Magica OCs!
opinion on ocs related to canon characters?

not a good idea at all. it is very, very rare that i see this pulled off well.

so how come madoka OCs review's ask box isn't open?

i dont run it i dont know

if an oc is not for Puella Magi Madoka Magica can we still submit?

well judging by the fact that this is a blog specifically for PMMM ocs

you tell me

I'm not sure what all is considered Mary Sue????? so I have to ask if making my ocs wish to give her father his hearing back is Mary Sue??


Eh, so I created an OC who has the ability to make people forgot her face, and the faces of other magical girls if need be... is that too Mary Sue-ish?


I'm making up an OC, and I want her power to be that she can fly (it would be with limits of course) but I can't think what wish would let her do that, other than if she wished to be able to fly. Can you think of a wish that would work with this?

maybe something along the lines of she wished to soar above her opponents or fly higher than the rest?

idk im not good at this kind of stuff sorry :(

Protip for Madoka OC Makers: Don't make the powers too powerful/noticeable. They are subtle, possibly to make every magical girl have an equal chance of success, with little advantages over each other power-wise. In canon, Sayaka's is only mentioned once and is never too flashy. Homura's and Madoka's are powerful for plot's sake. They never even touch Mami's and Kyoko's!

yeah thats cool but

mami- ribbons and

kyoko- those barrier things she could put up??????????????????????????????

Is it okay to ask you to judge my oc?If you say no, it's fine.

is everyone just forgetting the existence of the madoka oc review blog

hey, how are witches in madoka magica made? my friends refuse to tell me, and i fell asleep during some of the shows because it was late :(


Witches are born when a magical girl’s soul gem gets too full of despair. If she goes too long without cleaning it, or she falls into despair, the soul gem matures into a grief seed, and so, a witch is born.

Hey! I kinda made a German Puella Magi (Since it was kind of implied at the end of the series that they're everywhere) For her wish for her family to be able to buy her a prosthetic leg. She's rather open about being a magical girl to random people, but I feel that she would be advised not to do it, as it would be a risk for her. Considering random people may create contracts and become witches cause of her. Causing her to become a witch herself.

I like it. :)